The smile of the children

The smile of the children


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“Enjoying the birds while creating environmental awareness”. This, and the smile of the children, is what make us happy.

At Green Tours we strongly believe that the future we all hope for humankind is in the smile of the children. With the help of our friends from ECOAN, we had the fantastic experience of sharing a full day birding with the children of the rural community of Chugur, in the Andes of north Peru.

The smile of the children

The kids learned how to use the binoculars and the telescope, and how to identified the common birds of Chugur. But, above all, they learned about the importance of preserving the birds and their natural habitats.

Kids birding

Making it fun is important, and Alessandra and Adrian, from ECOAN, know how to do it. They both capture the attention of the children and their parents alike. With friendliness and interactive games, they drove the kids into the concepts of nature and the importance of its conservation.

The smile of the children enviromental worshop

The smile of the children environmental worshop

One of the games kids like the most was drawing their village and their environmental problems. Then, they had to draw the solutions they think should be done to solve those problems. it was incredible and very satisfying to notice that the children were perfectly aware of the environmental problems of their community. Besides, they had great ideas to solve them.

They also learned about birds and how to drawn them. They all had a notebook and pencils as a gift, and we are sure they are all improving their drawing skills at home right now !!


Help us to continue with these activities

All of this if possible thanks to the donations from people from all over the world. At Green Tours, we give US$50 per each of our customers, to Asociación Green Tours to bring joy to these children. If you want to be part of these activities, just joint any of our tours featured at


Many thanks to all the people from Chugur. We’ll be back soon !!!!

The smile of the children

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