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Amazon Birding and Photography Tour, Peru

The Amazon Birding and Photography tour explores, in 9 days, the incredible biodiversity of South-Eastern Peruvian Amazonia. The tour focuses on birds, landscapes, and occasionally mammals and big reptiles.

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  • Location: Tambopata National Reserve
  • Duration: 9 Days
  • Group Size: 4 to 6 pax
Bird photography tour to Northern Peru

An intense 12-days Bird photography tour to North Peru.

North Peru has the perfect conditions for a bird photography tour:

Pantanal photography tour is an eight-day wildlife photo tour in Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland. It is located in the Mato Grosso state in southern Brazil. A large part of the territory is flooded during the rainy season (Novembe [Read more]

  • Location: Pantanal, Brazil
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Group Size: 4 to 6 pax


Andean endemics tour, The Peru endemic birds

Our 20-day Andean Endemics Tour centers on travelling along central and northern Peru, looking for some of Peru's endemic species.

First, the Andean E [Read more]

  • Location: Central and northeast Andes of Peru
  • Duration: 20 Days
  • Group Size: 4 pax
Birding and Amazonian Wildlife

Intense 15-days Birding and Amazonian Wildlife tour in southern Peruvian Amazonia. While birding the Amazonian lowlands, you will have the opportunity to see more than 400 bird species and a lot of other wildlife between the Los Amigos and the Tambopata rivers.

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  • Location: Southern Peruvian Amazonian, Los amigos and Tambopata rivers
  • Duration: 15 Days
  • Group Size: 4 to 8 pax
Birding Peru and Machu Picchu tour

15-day Birding Peru and Machu Picchu tour combines intense birding and the charming sights of Machu Picchu. With our Birding Peru and Machu Picchu tour, we have designed a birding itinerary for those serious birders w [Read more]

  • Location: Cuzco - Machu Picchu - Manu road
  • Duration: 15 Days
  • Group Size: 4 to 8 pax
Birding in southern Peru tour, Cuzco and Manu

This 19-day Birding in Southern Peru tour traverses the richest biodiverse region of the country. Peru is known for its incredible biodiversity, however, Peru is also rich in cultural heritage. Undoubtedly, the flagship of this heritage is Ma [Read more]

  • Location: Cuzco - Manu
  • Duration: 19 Days
  • Group Size: 4 to 8 pax
Northern Peru Birding Tour: Mayo and Huallaga Valleys

An intense 12-day Northern Peru Birding Tour throughout the Northeastern part of the country.

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  • Location: North Peru, Mayo and Huallaga valleys
  • Duration: 12 days tour
  • Group Size: 4 to 8 pax