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Wilson Diaz - Febrero 7, 2021 - 10:49 am

Endemic birds of Peru, 7 species you can’t miss

Text and photographs by Wilson Diaz

Great news: the Covid-19 vaccine is already available for many people around the world. So, it is time to start planning your next birding or bird photography trip. If you are thinking on adding new endemic birds to your life list or to your photographed species list, Peru is the destination you must consider for your next trip.

Our tours in Peru offer very good chances to see and photograph a great number of peruvian endemic bird species. We usually go to places with good access conditions, therefore, some of the endemics are quite easy to find.

Here, I want to introduce you to the 7 endemic species that are very easy to find in some of our tours.

1. Marvelous Spatuletail

endemic birds

Definitely the species most sought after by our clients. And they’re right, this hummingbird, found only in a small area in northern Peru, is one of the most beautiful birds of the world. Its striking colors on the head and throat, along with its beautiful long tail, make the Marvelous Spatuletail a delight to see and photograph. The bird is easy to see at the hummingbird feeders at the Huembo Reserve.

Our birding tours visiting Huembo are:

Andean birding tour in Peru, the endemics

Northern Peru Birding Tour: Mayo and Huallaga Valleys

If your main interest is to have really good pictures of the Spatuletail, we recommend to take our bird photo tour. This particular tour is design to spend much more time at the hummingbird feeders, so you can have more chances to have the image you are looking for.

Bird photography tour to Northern Peru

2. Buff-bridled Inca-finch

Buff-bridled Inca-finch

Inca-finches are a group of five species in the genus Incaspiza, all of them endemic to Peru. This are grey birds, with bright yellow bill and legs, and different amount of rufous on the wings or the back.

The Buff-briled Inca-finch is probably the easiest to find of the five species. It inhabits arid habitats along the Marañon river area, and it is easily recognized by its buffy “moustache”.

You can check our “Andean birding tour in Peru” if you want to see this Peruvian endemic.

Andean birding tour in Peru, the endemics

3. Lulu’s (Johnson’s) Tody-flycatcher

Lulu's Tody-flycatcher

Another great bird to see in northern Peru is Lulu’s Tody-flycatcher. This is a secretive bird found only in the undeground of the cloud forests of Abra Patricia. Turns out that the bird is quite common around the Abra Patricia Owlet Lodge.

Please check our north Peru birding tour for this species:

Northern Peru Birding Tour: Mayo and Huallaga Valleys

4. Black-necked Woodpecker

Black-necked Woodpecker

We have one woodpecker among the “easy endemic birds list”: the Black-necked Woodpecker. This species is restricted to the western slope of the Peruvian Andes and the Marañon valley. The black throat is key for its identification.

The easiest places to find the bird are around the Cajamarca valley.

Andean birding tour in Peru, the endemics

5. Black Metaltail

Black Metaltail

Another jewel of the hummingbird family, and endemic to the mountains of western Peru, is the Black Metaltail. It is a small hummingbird fund in semi-arid scrub. With good light and the righ angle, it is possible to see a metalic green gorget.

Again, the easiest places to find the bird are around the Cajamarca valley.

Andean birding tour in Peru, the endemics

6. Grey-bellied Comet

Grey-bellied Comet

Another member of the hummingbird family for the “easy endemic birds of Peru” list. Indeed, this beautiful and endangered hummingbird is quite easy to find in the Chonta valley, near the city of Cajamarca. It’s a large hummingbird, with a deeply forked tail, males have a dark blue patch on the throat.

Dispite being easy to find, the Chonta valley is the only known place holding a population of the species.

We have one set tour going to the Chonta valley:

Andean birding tour in Peru, the endemics

7. Great Spinetail

Great Spinetail

Very few accessible places are known for this species endemic to north Peru. But, at Green Tours we have found a couple of easy access places for our clients.

The Great Spinetail is an endangered furnarid endemic to north Peru. It inhabits dry scrub in areas influenced by the dry Marañon valley.

If you want to see this bird check our Peru endemics itinerary:

Andean birding tour in Peru, the endemics


So, we have selected seven Peru endemics that are easy to find, but certainly there are much more to see in Peru. Please check our itineraries for set departures for 2021 and 2022.

If any of our set departures fits you, we will be pleased to set a private itinerary for you, according to your available time and interests. Just send us an email to

Hope I’ll see you soon !!

Wilson Diaz - Green Tours Peru