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Wilson Diaz - Febrero 8, 2019 - 5:15 pm

Black-necked Woodpecker

Our Bird of the Month comes a bit late this year, but we end up choosing a great bird. This month featured bird is the Peruvian endemic Black-necked Woodpecker (Colaptes atricollis). This is a medium-size woodpecker that inhabits the Peruvian Pacific slope of the Andes and the dry Marañon valley.

Adult birds have grey forehead, with red hindcrown and upper nape. Chin, throat, and upper breast are black; and lores and eyebrow are whitish.

Black-necked Woodpecker - Green Tours Peru

Female Black-necked Woodpecker. Santa Eulalia valley, Lima.

Two sub-species are currently recognized: atricollis in the western slope of the Andes, and peruvianus in the Marañon valley.

Prefers arid to semi-arid areas in dry montane scrub with large cacti, desert scrub, and wooded areas.

It is generally uncommon, but quite responsive to appropriate playback. The best places to see the bird are the dry scrub near the city of Cajamarca, the Marañon valley around the town of Balzas, and the Santa Eulalia valley in Lima.

Black-necked Woodpecker - Green Tours Peru

Male Black-necked Woodpecker. Utcubamba valley, north Peru.

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