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Green Tours - Julio 11, 2018 - 12:00 pm

Buff-bridled Inca-Finch

Our bird of the month this July 2018 is the beautiful Buff-bridle Inca-Finch (Incaspiza laeta). This is one of the five species of the genus Incaspiza, all of them endemic to Peru.

Identification features include: Slim, pointed, yellow bill; black mask, yellow legs, rufous back and scapulars, and a large, pale buff spot in lower malar area.

Buff-bridled Inca-Finch

Buff-bridled Inca-Finch near Balzas, Cajamarca.

The species is endemic of the middle and upper Marañon valley. Inhabits dry woodland with thorn scrub and cacti, at elevations between 1000 and 2750 meters. Fairly common in his small distribution range, and is not globally threatened.

This species can bee seen in our “Endemics Paradise” tour to northern Peru, or by taking a tailor-made private tour. Our tour leaders know several places where the species can be found near the city of Cajamarca, and around the towns of El Limón, Chacanto and Balzas (near the Marañon river).



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