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Macaw clay lick Green Tours Peru

Peru has more than 1800 bird species, 113 of them endemic to the country. The “Peru Megadiverse” tour has been designed to offer the opportunity to enjoy, in the shorter possible time, most of Peru’s amazing bird diversity.

$ 5,200

Amazon Birding - Pied Lapwing

Intense 15-day tour in southern Peruvian Amazonia, along Los Amigos and the Tambopata Rivers.

$ 6,600

Marvelous Spatuletail

Imagine seeing more than 60 species of hummingbirds in less than 15 days !!

$ 3,400

Birding Peru and Machu Picchu tour

A 15-day birdwatching tour to Machu Picchu, Cuzco, and the famous Manu road.

$ 4,800

Andean Endemics Tour, The Peru Endemic Birds

Our 20-day Andean Endemics Tour centers on travelling along central and northern Peru.

$ 5,850

Northern Peru birding tour Mayo and Huallaga valleys

A 12-day Northern Peru Birding Tour throughout the Northeastern slopes of the Peruvian Andes.

$ 3,500

Endemics of Cajamarca and the Maranon valley

Intense 10-day tour in northern Peru, with lots of endemic birds and fantastic scenery.

$ 2,900

Purple-backed Sunbeam tour

The main goal of this tour is to find the very special Purple-backed Sunbeam, a unique hummingbird restricted to a few small patches of vegetation along the Marañon basin, in north Peru.

$ 2,400

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