Birding at Arena Blanca

Birding the Arena Blanca Reserve

Birding at bird feeders is becoming very popular and common in the neotropics. Certainly, the Arena Blanca reserve, in north Peru, probably has the most diverse and interesting bird feeders in the country. A day birding the Arena Blanca reserve can be exciting and memorable.

The owner of the reserve is Norbil Becerra, a former logger that became a conservationist thanks to his discovery of the beauty of hummingbirds, more than ten years ago. As he explains in the video below, Norbil started setting up a hummingbird garden. Then, he built a hide and set a tinamou feeder. And recently, he started to feed birds with bananas.

Please check out this short video interview where Norbil tells us about some of his work. It takes just about a minute.

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