Birding and culture of north Peru: Chiclayo to Leymebamba

12-day tour

An intense 12-day “Birding and culture of north Peru” tour. The tour visits the towns of Chiclayo, Jaén, and Leymebamba, while mixing cultural, hiking, and birding activities.

The tour starts nearby the city of Chiclayo, with a visit to Bosque de Pomac reserve. After birding and hiking in the dry Pacific forest, we visit the archaeological sites and museums of the Moche culture. The most famous of these cultural heritage sites are The Royal Tombs of Sipan, and, of course, the Tucume pyramids.

Then, the Birding and Culture tour moves to the Chaparri nature reserve. In fact, this is a community owned reserve, created to protect the Pacific dry forests of Peru. Here, our main activities will be birding and hiking in the dry forest. It is worth to mention that Chaparri lodge is located inside the forest, therefore, offers an incredible relaxed setting.

After a couple of nights in Chaparri, we drive across the Andes to get into the Marañon valley. The Marañon river has carved a long and deep canyon along the Andes for millions of years, as a result, it is rich in endemic species.

Also, the tour visits the Gocta waterfall, currently the 17th highest waterfall in the world. The visit requires a moderate hike in the humid forest, that is to say, there are big chances to see a great diversity of birds.

After Gocta, we get a cultural experience by visiting the archaeological site of Kuelap. Additionally, the visit includes a trip by cable car and a two hours hike inside Kuelap, with considerable birdwatching possibilities.

Finally, the “Birding and culture of north Peru” tour moves near the town of Leymebamba. From here, we can explore a different section of the Marañon valley. Also, the cultural activities include a visit to the Leymebamba museum.

Your holidays and nature conservancy: Cheqa Peru SRL, owner of Green Tours, will donate 50 US$ of its benefits per participant to association “Plantando Futuro” to support local nature conservancy initiatives.

  • Peruvian Plantcutter
  • Tumbes Tyrant
  • Little Inca-finch
  • Marvelous Spatuletail
  • Peruvian Pigeon

Details and itinerary


Reference price per person, base on a group of 4 people and on double occupancy:

TBC. Tour is currently not available

Single supplement: TBC

Private departures only.

All itineraries are fully customizable to fit your requirements.


Duration: 12 days

Best time to travel: April through December.

Group size: 1 to 4 people.


Arrival in Lima and transfer to the hotel.

Overnight at a 3 stars hotel in Lima.

Meals: None.

Lima – Chiclayo

First, we take a morning flight to the city of Chiclayo, located in the northern Pacific coast of Peru.

Upon arrival, the Birding and Culture tour first goes straight to the Bosque de Pomac reserve. Here, we will be looking for special birds like Peruvian Plantcutter, Scarlet-backed Woodpecker, Superciliated Wren, and many more. Then, if the water level of the river permits, we can explore the archaeological site of Batan Grande, located inside the reserve.

Later, we will check-in at the lodge, which is located just outside the protected forest.

Next, we will visit the Tucume archaeological site and its on-site museum.

Overnight at Huaca de Piedra lodge.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch.

Birding and culture Chiclayo Leymebamba - Peruvian Plantcutter

Chiclayo: the Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipan

First thing in the morning, we will be birding around the lodge. Our goal is to find typical dry forest birds, for example, Peruvian Pygmy-owl, Long-tailed Mockingbird, Amazilia Hummingbird.

Then, we spend the rest of the day exploring the history of Chiclayo. First, we visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan museum, famous for its collection of silver and gold jewellery. Also, the museum shows the mummy of the lord of Sipan.

After a typical lunch, we visit the archaeological site of Huaca Rajada. It’s here where the burial site of the Lord of Sipan was found. There is also here, an on-site museum.

Overnight at Huaca de Piedra lodge.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch.

Chiclayo – Chaparri

After breakfast, we will drive for about 3 hours to the Chaparri Lodge and Nature Reserve. In fact, this is a community managed reserve, created to protect a coastal population of Andean Bears and the endangered White-winged Guan. Nearby the lodge’s grounds, we might see Tumbes Tyrant, Black-capped Sparrow, Elegant Crescentchest, and maybe a King vulture or Andean Condors if we are lucky.

Then, in the afternoon, we can go for a walk in the forest around the lodge. During the two hours hike, we might encounter Sechuran Fox, White-collared Peccary, or White-tailed Deer. Among the birds, it is possible to find Tumbes Sparrow, White-edged Oriole, Short-tailed Woodstar, and more.

Overnight at Chaparri lodge.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Birding and culture Chiclayo Leymebamba - White-winged Guan

Chaparri: Casupe forest

The first two hours of the morning we will drive to the Casupe forest. There, we will look for special birds like Guayaquil Woodpecker, Ecuadorian Trogon, Ecuadorian Piculet, and much more.

After some good birding, we’ll be back in the lodge, on good time for lunch. Then, you will have ample time in the afternoon to be on your own.

Overnight at Chaparri lodge.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Chaparri – Jaén

Just before breakfast, we can enjoy the hummingbirds bathing in the small creek nearby the lodge.

Then, we take the road towards the city of Jaén, surrounded by the Marañon valley´s dry forest.

The trip takes about 9 to 10 hours, including several stops and detours for birding. Most of the habitat is dry scrub, therefore, some of the birds we could find are White-headed Brush-finch, Piura Chat-tyrant, Black-cowled Saltator, and more.

Overnight at a 3 stars hotel in Jaén.

Meals: Breakfast, picnic-lunch.

Birding and culture Chiclayo Leymebamba - Piura Chat-tyrant


First, the tour visits the Fundo Yanahuanca and the road to Tamborapa. There, we will be looking for specialties like Chinchipe Spinetail, Marañon Spinetail, Red-crested Finch, and more.

After that, in the afternoon, we will visit the Gotas de Agua private reserve. The dry forest is home of interesting birds, for example, Plain-breasted Ground-dove, Short-crested Flycatcher, Marañon Crescentchest, and many more.

Overnight at a 3 stars hotel in Jaén.

Meals: Picnic-breakfast, lunch.

Jaén – Cocachimba

Today, we will drive to the next lodge in the town of Cocachimba. Once again on the road, we can make a few stops for birding, including a visit to the Huembo Reserve, to look for Marvelous Spatuletail. Also, other interesting birds along the road are Little Inca-finch, Marañon Antshrike, Ecuadorian Ground-dove, and more.

Once we arrive to the lodge, you will have the rest of the afternoon to rest.

Overnight at Gocta Lodge.

Meals: Picnic-breakfast, lunch.

Birding and culture Chiclayo Leymebamba - Marvelous Spatuletail


Today, we have a morning hike to the Gocta waterfall.

The hike takes about tow and a half hours to get to the base of the waterfall, while walking through mountain humid forest. Hopefully, early in the morning we migh have chances to see a flock of Andean Cock-of-the-Rock. Moreover, other good birds along the trail are Masked Trogon, Speckle-chested Piculet, Streaked Tuftedcheek, and much more. Finally, we will be back in the lodge after 5 to 6 hours of hiking.

Again, you will have the afternoon at leisure to rest after the hike.

Overnight at Gocta Lodge.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch.

Birding and culture Chiclayo Leymebamba - Speckle-chested Piculet

Cocachimba – Kuelap – Leymebamba

Today, we leave the lodge in Cocachimba and move to the small town of Leymebamba. First, in the morning we visit the archaeological site of Kuelap. This is a Chachapoyas religious centre, that is to say, built by pre-Incan people.

Then, we will spend the afternoon birding around the lodge in Leymebamba. There is a high bird diversity in this area, for example, we could find birds like Chestnut-crowned Antpitta, Rainbow Starfrontlet, Sword-billed Hummingbird, and others.

Overnight at Rangra Wasi lodge.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Birding and culture Chiclayo Leymebamba - Kuelap


This morning, we make an early drive up the mountains, to explore the humid forests and the high elevation grasslands. Also, some short hikes along the road can bring sights of colorful birds like Grass-green Tanager, Scarlet-bellied Mountain-tanager, Shining Sunbeam, and a lot more.

Then, we will spend the afternoon visiting the Leymebamba Museum. Finally, tonight we have a special farewell dinner.

Overnight at Rangra Wasi lodge.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Birding and culture Chiclayo Leymebamba - Grass-green Tanager

Leymebamba – Jaén

The Birding and Culture Tour ends in the city of Jaén. Today, you well be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Lima.

Meals: Breakfast, picnic-lunch.



Since Leymebamba is in the cloud forest, conditions range from warm to decidedly humid and cold night. Also, it might rain at times. The Chiclayo area is usually warm, nevertheless, it can get slightly cold at night between April and September. Jaén is definitively warm, in fact, daytime temperatures can get above 33°C.

Time Zone

Peru is 5 hours behind GMT. Also, it is in the same time zone as US Eastern Standard Time Zone. Additionally, it does not observe daylight-savings time.


Having a Yellow Fever vaccine at least 10 days before your trip is recommended, but not mandatory.


220 volts. Chaparri lodge does not have electricity. Instead, a solar power generator is turn-on every evening for about three hours. All other lodges surely have electricity.

Physical effort

People should be in good physical condition in order to be able to walk on moderate rough terrain for at least 5 hours.


  • Lodging as described above (some lodges might change according to room’s availability).
  • Ground transportation and driver throughout the tour.
  • English speaking bird and cultural guide.
  • All entrance fees for nature reserves, archaeological sites and museums.
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Applicable taxes, fees, and licenses.


International or domestic flights, reconfirmation of flights, visa fees, airport taxes, excess luggage charges, additional nights during the trip due reasons beyond our control, bottled water, alcoholic beverages, snacks, laundry, phone calls or messages, any kind of travel insurance, and items of personal nature.

If you want us to include the internal flights within Peru just let us know.

All itineraries are given as a guide only. Actual holiday content may vary according to the judgement of your guide, and elements beyond our control (e.g. weather).

See our Booking Terms and Conditions.

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